Cow shed Mist cooling system

Dairy mist cooling system is a high-pressure misting system designed specifically for dairy farms and milking parlors. The system uses fine mist to evaporate quickly, creating a cooling effect that can lower the temperature and reduce humidity levels in the dairy farm or milking parlor. This system can provide a comfortable and safe environment for cows, reducing the risk of heat stress and fatigue, and promoting healthy milk production. The misting system can be customized to fit the specific needs of the dairy farm or milking parlor and can be controlled through a programmable system to adjust water flow, temperature, and pressure.

Misting system for Cow shed | Fogger for cow shed | fogger system for cows to keep cows cool and happy which results in good milk yeild.


Truemist Misting System specializes in manufacturing fogger systems designed specifically for dairy farms. Dairy cows are susceptible to heat stress, which can negatively impact milk production, weight gain, and reproductive cycles. Our mist cooling system for dairy farms effectively reduces temperatures and encourages cows to eat more and produce more milk.

Veterinarians have found that high-pressure misting systems are superior in cooling and reducing heat stress in dairy cows. In cases where humidity levels are too high, our misting system can be used in conjunction with other measures such as soaking.

Our High-Pressure Misting/Fogging system generates water droplets so small that they quickly evaporate and cool the environment when activated. Fast evaporation keeps the cows, their bedding, and their surroundings dry, preventing disease. Our misting system also reduces the amount of additional manure handling required by soaking, fogging, or misting.

Our misting units can be applied to both inlet and recycling fans, providing targeted and immediate cooling where the cows need it most. When connected to our Truemist misting units, sensors automatically activate the system based on temperature and humidity levels in the barn. Additionally, the High-Pressure Fogging system's use of tiny droplets makes it highly efficient in both water and power consumption, while also keeping the floor and surfaces free from excess water.

If you are in search of high-quality dairy fogging systems, look no further than Truemist. Our latest dairy fogging systems are user-friendly and available at affordable prices. We also offer installation assistance in India and abroad.

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