Leading Greenhouse Irrigation misting system Suppliers in India

Truemist, Leading manufacturer and supplier of greenhouse Irrigation misting and fogging system in India. Our Misting system is used to maintain high humidity and chill greenhouse. Fogging irrigation system is widely used in Greenhouse due to very low energy consumption and very little water and energy usage.

Horticulture requires the environment to be continuously monitored for temperature and humidity and controlled for optimal quality and production. Our TrueMist fog cool system and misting system provide the right tools required to maintain constant temperature and humidification. It is integrated with the climate control system and remote monitoring system seamlessly with a ventilation system.

TrueMIST Misting and Cooling system use highly pressurized water flash evaporate as fog when the pressure is maintained between 1000 and 1750 PSI (70 to 120 bar pressure). At this pressure, the water is released in such small tiny microparticles that immediately evaporates and absorbs the heat energy from the atmosphere and leaving cool air on the atmosphere behind to fall below onto the crop. Moreover, our misting system can be completely automated with timers and a remote monitoring system to monitor from mobile.


Grow in any climate and reduce plant stress throughout the year
In hot and arid climates, grow throughout the summer months with the maximum cooling potential. In colder climates, maintain optimal required humidity to maintain nutrient absorption and plant health.
Increases CO2 absorption
Plants gather carbon required for growth in the form of Co2 through the leaves; controlling the plant's pores through the use of a properly designed mist system allows for higher and better levels of CO2 absorption, and therefore more productive and disease-free crops.
Anti-drip design
Truemist’s anti-drip misting/fogging nozzle design ensures no drips or excess drain water that may damage crops.
Suitable for extreme weather
 Evaporative cooling systems are made for use during extreme conditions in gutter-connect and free-standing greenhouses.
Even distribution means even growth and production
Grids of nozzles are positioned strategically throughout the greenhouse. tiny water droplets in the range of 10-micron instantly flash evaporates to cool the air and adds humidity to the environment, based on plants’ needs.
Optimize propagation
Control the propagation of young plants and seedlings by maintaining constant humidity levels. The correct environment allows faster and more even rooting for maximum output.
Fast, easy installations
Stainless steel or flexible misting nozzle pipe lines (usually of Nylon or Stainless steel or copper) provide versatile design options and make installation a breeze.
Responds to outside climate conditions
When the outside climate is excessive for passive cooling using other ventilation methods, mist systems will engage via your environmental control.
Lowers greenhouse temperature
When used in tandem with shade systems, evaporative cooling pads can decrease ambient air temperatures in a greenhouse up to 18 degrees.
Optimize propagation
Control and optimize the propagation of younger plants & seedlings by maintaining constant humidity levels inside the greenhouse. The right environment allows faster and more even rooting for maximum output.

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What is Commercial Greenhouse Misting? 

Greenhouse Mist frameworks apply water irregularly through the mist. This framework is utilized industry-wide in cultivation and horticulture engendering conditions. It works on the accomplishment of establishing hardwood, softwood, alongside herbaceous stem cuttings and leaf cuttings.

What does a Greenhouse Misting System Do? 

An all-around planned greenhouse mist framework creates a fine mist that gives a slight film of water over the cuttings and media. That application results in: 
A fog "film" of water being sprayed on the foliage of the cuttings by the fine mist, this film controls dampness misfortune from cuttings by decreasing leaf temperature from evaporative cooling and expanding stickiness. 
The mist empowers verdant cuttings to be presented to higher measures of light. Establishing is sped up, and some difficult to root plant materials are set up simpler. 
With mist engendering, there is greater adaptability in getting ready cuttings. By and large, most sorts of cuttings will root all the more promptly under mist. 
Bigger cuttings can be established with greenhouse mist systems which in any case would not be conceivable without mist. 

Do mists Systems Eliminate the Problems of Over-Watering?

An appropriately planned mist framework keeps a fine film of water on the leaves. This effective misting strategy utilizes the ideal measure of water, not all that much or excessively little. It additionally kills the issue of overabundance of water that filters supplements from the cutting and the establishing medium. 
Overabundance water can soak the developing medium. That can altogether lessen the measure of air in the medium. 
Abundance dampness at the lower part of the cutting limits a decent stockpile of air fundamental for establishing. The measure of water can be diminished by utilizing a fine mist spout alongside the utilization of a discontinuous mist. 
The utilization of irregular mist, which is properly measured and controlled, is the best answer for forestall over-watering. 

Why Use a Professional like TrueMist for Greenhouse Misting? 

Greenhouse mist frameworks can over-water plate if the heads are designed in an ordinary "cross-over" strategy utilized in sprinkler water system.
Erroneously setting the tension on the controller choice bringing about stream rates that don't meet the misting producers stream rate particulars.
Advanced Mist cooling automatic irrigation system and drip mist watering system can be easily implemented.
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