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The ultrasonic fine fogging and misting system generates a mist spray with droplets under 5 microns in size, which remain suspended until evaporative cooling occurs. When combined with our specialized water valve assembly, the system becomes an efficient self-cleaning humidifier. This type of fogging system is ideal for precision spray applications where a particle size of less than 10 microns is desired.

The stainless-steel water valve is controlled by the same compressed air supply that activates the nozzle. To initiate the system, a simple on/off signal is required. When the signal is removed, the water valve self-cleans the nozzle each time by flushing excess water, significantly reducing the buildup of lime, salts, and chalk.

In large industrial and commercial applications, nozzles can be mounted in the roof space to increase humidity levels without over-misting. This approach offers significant advantages without reducing visibility and safety. Dry mist humidifiers are strategically placed to provide an even humidity level. The system can use mains water combined with a water purifier, and due to its unique self-cleaning design, there is no risk of clogged nozzles.

Our ultrasonic misting system is ideal for increasing the relative humidity level within a room by introducing moisture back into the air without causing wetness. It can be used in various applications that require a droplet size of less than 5 microns.

Areas of Application:

Food manufacturing facilities
Automobile sector
Horticulture and Floriculture
Facilities for storing timber
Refrigerated storage units
Cultivation of mushrooms 
Ultrasonic hydroponic foggers produce a mist with fine particles that are usually about 5 µm in diameter. This mist is capable of transporting nutrients from the standing water of a reservoir to plant roots, leading to benefits such as improved humidification and significantly increased exposure to oxygen, which helps to enhance root development.

When used in combination with other hydroponic techniques, such as aeroponic misters or ebb and flow systems, ultrasonic hydroponic foggers can help to improve humidity levels and nutrient absorption, leading to faster growth rates. Ongoing research is exploring the potential benefits of using standalone fogger-supported hydroponic growing systems.


How do they work?

The liquid that flows through the nozzle atomizes to form particles lesser than 10 microns using Pulse Width Modulation.

Is this a high-pressure system?

No. It’s a low-pressure system but the dry fog is created by Pulse Width Modulation.
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