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TrueMist provides advanced and high-performance Commercial mist cooling systems designed specifically for customer needs. These systems are commonly utilized for cooling and dust suppression purposes in various commercial establishments, such as restaurants, shopping malls, and petrol stations.

Are you considering incorporating a misting system or misting fan into your commercial property? Whether you own an amusement park, tennis court, golf course, restaurant, or hotel, a misting system can help keep your property cool and your customers comfortable. To ensure proper installation and operation, invest in a reliable and high-quality misting system.

TrueMist offers a variety of misting pumps and customizable options to cater to your specific needs. Our expertise lies in providing misting systems for both outdoor and indoor cooling, enhancing the beauty of your business's surroundings while ensuring maximum comfort for your customers.

How Do Misting Systems Function?

To achieve efficient humidity and temperature control, TrueMist employs two essential elements: atomized water and a well-designed distribution system. Through a combination of high-pressure mist pumps and specialized fogging nozzles, we generate atomized water that can produce billions of micron-sized droplets per minute. Our experts then use their industry expertise to determine the optimal number of fogging nozzles required to balance the air exchange ratio, allowing us to enhance humidification and cooling.

TrueMist's exclusive line of misting fan products are specifically designed to evenly distribute mist and improve moisture absorption. By minimizing peaks and troughs in mist production, our misting systems deliver more efficient cooling for your business. Our misting systems are ideal for cooling outdoor areas, as our unique design allows water to flash evaporate, reducing temperatures without excess moisture.

Benefits of Commercial Misting Systems

Keeping a large warehouse, amusement park, tennis court, restaurant, or other industrial areas cool can be expensive. That's why TrueMist offers a wide range of misting systems that lower temperatures and reduce costs associated with energy consumption.

Our misting systems are not only great for keeping customers cool and comfortable in outdoor areas, but they can also be used to keep children cool on playgrounds or animals cool during the hot summer months. With TrueMist cooling systems and fog decks, we ensure that your business is aesthetically pleasing, and your customers are kept cool during outdoor dining or activities.

Fogscaping: Our unique high-pressure fog system cools the outdoor environment and enhances outdoor landscapes.

Cooling system: We use a series of nozzles to evaporate water and reduce temperature through deck mist systems and other methods of outdoor cooling.

Fog-deck: Our patented mist system is installed above a pool's waterline, transforming it into a tropical paradise.

TrueMist's innovative design and manufacturing methods allow our misting fans to cool and humidify more efficiently than other fans on the market. We build and design our misting systems to ensure they are long lasting and require minimal maintenance. Each of our fans uses high-pressure 1000 PSI pumps for optimal performance.

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