Mosquito Control Home Misters

Home misting systems are becoming increasingly popular for mosquito control. These systems work by emitting a fine mist of insecticide into the air, which kills mosquitoes and other flying insects on contact. The mist is usually delivered through a series of misting nozzles that are strategically placed around the perimeter of the home or outdoor area.

Misting systems can be automated to operate on a schedule, such as in the early morning or evening hours when mosquitoes are most active. They can also be activated manually using a remote control or switch.

It is important to note that misting systems should be used with caution and only with approved insecticides.


Automatic Mosquito Control Mist System with Mist Timer is designed to protect your family from diseases like Malaria, Dengue, and other mosquito-borne illnesses. Outdoor mosquito killer systems can be installed around your home, pool, patio, or any outdoor area. Whether it's your home, ranch, party plot, lake area, horse barn stalls, dairy, beef, cattle feed, swine facilities, or any place where mosquitoes and flying insects are a problem, our Mosquito Control Misting Spray Systems can effectively control them. Mosquito bites are not only irritating but also hazardous as they can cause severe skin diseases and transmit dangerous and deadly viruses like yellow fever, dengue, filariasis, and encephalitis to humans and pets. Our fully automated/manual mosquito misting system creates a natural pyre thrum fog that is lethal to flying insects.

The system provides synchronized mosquito-killing chemicals that evenly disperse the insecticide over the target area. The Fly-Mist system is a permanent installation inside your property to control mosquitoes and bloodsuckers. Mosquitoes pose a significant threat to our health as they can transmit West Nile Virus, Malaria, Encephalitis, and many other disabling diseases. Our Mosquito Control Misting System provides a fine spray fog of powerful insecticide through a series of mosquito misting nozzles in and around your property.

Our Mosquito Control Misting System can be mounted on any small or large drum, depending on your requirement. It can manage multiple zones, with a single mosquito misting unit capable of supporting up to 30 to 40 nozzles. Each nozzle is placed 8 -12 feet apart, covering approximately 500 feet of the protected area.

Our DIY kit comes with easy installation setup procedures, making it convenient for you to install the system yourself. Protect your family and loved ones from mosquitoes and their diseases with our home Mosquito Control Misting System.


  1. How does a mosquito control misting system work? A mosquito control misting system uses a fine spray mist of insecticide to kill and repel mosquitoes and other flying insects. The system is installed with a network of nozzles around the perimeter of the area to be protected. The system can be set to spray at regular intervals or manually operated as needed.
  2. What type of insecticide is used in mosquito control misting systems? Most mosquito control misting systems use a synthetic pyrethroid insecticide, which is a type of insecticide that is derived from natural pyrethrins found in chrysanthemum flowers. Synthetic pyrethroids are effective in killing mosquitoes and other flying insects and are safe for use around humans and pets.
  3. Are mosquito control misting systems safe for humans and pets? Yes, mosquito control misting systems are safe for humans and pets when used according to the manufacturer's instructions. The insecticide used in misting systems is non-toxic to humans and pets, and the misting system can be set to spray at times when people and pets are not present in the area.                  
  4. What is the installation process for a mosquito control misting system? The installation process for a mosquito control misting system will vary depending on the system and the area to be protected. Generally, the system is installed with a network of nozzles around the perimeter of the area to be protected, and the misting system is connected to a water source and electrical supply.
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