Misting System For Precision Farming

Precision Farming for Agricultural farms using IoT


The growing global population has created a challenge to meet the increasing demand for food with limited resources. To address this, modern technologies are being integrated into the agricultural sector to improve productivity. One such technology is Precision Agriculture (PA), which utilizes close and remote sensing techniques with IoT sensors to monitor crop conditions at various growth stages. This involves collecting and processing a large amount of data related to crop health, including parameters such as water level and temperature. PA enables farmers to precisely determine the parameters required for healthy crops, where they are needed, and in what quantity at a specific time.

To achieve this, data needs to be collected from various sources and parts of the field, such as soil nutrients, pest and weed presence, chlorophyll content in plants, and weather conditions. All this information needs to be analyzed to generate agronomic recommendations. For instance, the chlorophyll content in plants can reveal the nutrients required based on their developmental stage. This information is combined with soil characteristics and weather forecasts to determine the amount of fertilizer that should be applied to the plant the following day. Providing agronomic information to farmers at the right time and ensuring that they implement these recommendations are crucial for optimizing yields.

Misting systems can be a part of precision farming practices. They can provide a precise amount of water and nutrients to the plants at specific intervals based on agronomic recommendations. This reduces water wastage and ensures that the plants receive the required amount of water and nutrients. The misting system can be programmed to adjust the frequency and duration of the misting cycle based on changes in environmental conditions. This enables farmers to optimize plant growth and productivity while conserving resources.

Advantages :

Uses very little water and labor
Low energy use with the potential for even lower energy use
Provides very precise growing conditions; very useful for research
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