Cooling Mist System utilizes nozzles to produce a cooling effect through the atomization of pressurized water into fine aerosol particles that undergo flash-evaporation. For optimal cooling, it is recommended to use nozzles with a 0.3 mm orifice in dry climates and 0.2 mm nozzles in humid climates.

While Misting System is highly effective in dry weather conditions, it still provides satisfactory results in humid environments. Apart from cooling, it also helps to control dust, odors, static electricity, and flying insects such as mosquitoes. Moreover, it is beneficial in maintaining and regulating humidity levels in areas like greenhouses, homes, atriums, courtyards, patios, hotels, restaurants, and others.

In the event of clogged nozzles with calcium build-up, they can be cleaned by soaking them in our nozzle cleaner for 30 minutes to an hour before rinsing and reinstalling them. Our nozzle series is designed for easy cleaning and debris flushing. To reduce the incidence of calcium build-up, adding a Scaling filter to the misting pump is highly recommended. Our nozzles come with standard thread sizes of 10/24, although the misting industry accepts other thread sizes like 12/24.

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