Greenhouse Fogging System

Greenhouse fogging system is a method of providing a controlled level of humidity and temperature within a greenhouse by generating a fine mist or fog. The system typically involves the use of specialized equipment, such as a high-pressure pump and fogging nozzles, to distribute water vapor throughout the greenhouse. The mist or fog can help to regulate temperature and humidity levels, prevent plant dehydration, and promote healthy growth. Greenhouse foggers are often used in commercial horticulture operations as well as in research facilities to create a stable and controlled environment for plants.


Greenhouses, also known as glass houses or hothouses, are man-made structures designed for growing plants like flowers and vegetables in a controlled environment. Typically, they feature a transparent roof made of glass or translucent plastic. During the day, sunlight enters the greenhouse and heats the plants, soil, and structure. At night, this heat is gradually released, creating a stable and optimal environment for plant growth, with consistent temperature and humidity levels.

Greenhouse fogging system are important for maintaining the proper environment for plant growth in greenhouses. They provide cooling and humidity control, which is essential for many plants to thrive. By using a fine mist of water, these systems help regulate temperature and moisture levels, creating a consistent and optimal environment for plants.

Maintaining the appropriate temperature and humidity levels in a greenhouse can be challenging, especially in hot and dry climates. The greenhouse fogging system helps to keep the temperature within a specific range and increase the humidity to the desired level, which can be critical for plant growth and health.


  1. Improved productivity
  2. Optimal growing conditions
  3. Reduced product spoilage
  4. Decreased need for venting during warmer periods
  5. Low operating costs
  6. Accelerated growth
  7. Increased yields
  8. Enhanced plant quality
  9. Lower incidence of plant diseases
  10. Effective regulation of temperature and humidity levels
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