Sericulture Mist cooling system| Cocoon farms

Mist cooling systems for cocoon farms are particularly effective in hot and dry climates, where high temperatures and low humidity can be detrimental to silkworm growth. The system can also be used to reduce stress on the silkworms during periods of high heat, ensuring they remain healthy and productive.

Truemist misting system is an excellent choice for sericulture mist cooling, as it is designed to provide precise control over temperature and humidity levels in the rearing area. The system is fully automated, with sensors that monitor temperature and humidity and adjust the mist output accordingly. This ensures a consistent and optimal environment for silkworm rearing, leading to higher yields and improved quality of silk production.

In addition to improving the growth and health of silkworms, mist cooling systems can also help reduce energy costs by lowering the temperature in the rearing area without the need for air conditioning. This makes it an environmentally friendly and cost-effective solution for sericulture farms.


Sericulture is a profitable business, but the breeding of cocoons requires specific environmental conditions for growth and productivity. Truemist Misting System has developed a perfect humidification system for sericulture cocoons, ensuring that the cocoon is not directly sprayed with water.

The high-pressure misting system, which connects to a water source, pump, and timer, emits a fine mist into the room every seven or eight minutes for one-minute intervals, keeping the environment humid without wetting the cocoon. Maintaining the humidity between 80-90% is crucial for successful cocoon growth, especially during pinning when a higher humidity of around 90% is required.

Our Truemist humidification system is ideal for cocoon development as it is an energy-efficient and cost-effective solution. The system ensures that the humidity is completely dispersed into the air to prevent any droplets from forming on the cocoon and causing brown spots, which can make them less attractive to buyers.

Additionally, our system can reduce temperatures by up to 12°C on hot days, keeping the cocoon cool and maintaining optimal humidity levels for plant growth. It also helps to save water by preventing excess mist collection and improving the quality and growth of the produce. With Truemist, you can maintain perfect humidity conditions as required for optimal cocoon development.

Sericulture misting systems are designed to maintain the optimal temperature and humidity levels required for silkworm rearing. The misting systems utilize fine mist nozzles to disperse water droplets evenly throughout the sericulture environment, creating a moist and comfortable atmosphere for silkworms to thrive in.

The benefits of using sericulture misting systems include:

  1. Improved silkworm survival rates: Misting systems help to create an ideal environment for silkworms to grow and develop, improving their survival rates.
  2. Higher silk yield: The controlled humidity and temperature provided by the misting system can result in higher silk yield and better quality silk.
  3. Energy efficiency: Misting systems are energy-efficient compared to traditional cooling systems, resulting in lower energy costs for sericulture farms.
  4. Reduced labor costs: Misting systems can automate the process of maintaining optimal humidity and temperature levels, reducing the need for manual labor.
  5. Prevents silkworm diseases: The moist environment created by misting systems can help to prevent common silkworm diseases, such as muscardine and flacherie.
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