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Aeroponic misting system employs an interior micro-jet spray that delicately spritzes the plant roots with a high-pressure mist of nutrient-rich solution. This process exposes the roots to greater amounts of oxygen, thereby accelerating plant growth. Furthermore, it allows for a more precise delivery of nutrients to the plants through their root system.

Typically, the plants in an aeroponic system are suspended above a reservoir within a sealed container. A pump and sprinkler system vaporizes the nutrient solution and sprays it into the reservoir, creating a fine mist that engulfs the dangling roots of the plants. The plants are placed into holes on top of the platform and are supported with collars.

The Advantages of aeroponics

Plant development – Aeroponics promotes rapid plant development due to the abundant oxygen supply that the roots receive around the clock.
System maintenance in aeroponics is simple, as only the root chamber, which houses the roots, needs regular cleaning, and occasionally, the supply and irrigation channels. However, the continuous semi-moist environment of the root chamber can encourage bacterial growth, which is the only significant disadvantage of aeroponic system maintenance.
Lesser requirement for supplements and water – Aeroponic plants require fewer nutrients and less water overall, as the nutrient absorption rate is higher, and plants tend to respond to aeroponic systems by growing more roots.
Portability is a key advantage of aeroponics, as plants, and even entire gardens, can be moved around with minimal effort by simply transferring the plants from one collar to another.
Requires little space – Aeroponics requires very little space, and depending on the system, plants can be stacked on top of each other. It is essentially a modular system that maximizes limited space, making it ideal for small-scale gardening.
Extraordinary instructive worth –Aeroponics has excellent educational value, as it provides a great opportunity to learn about plants. Children, in particular, will enjoy having a small aeroponic system to grow a pet plant without getting their hands dirty.
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