Air Conditioning Mist Cooling System

Air Conditioning mist cooling system is a type of misting system that is designed to work in conjunction with an air conditioning unit to improve its efficiency and effectiveness. This system uses high-pressure water mist to pre-cool the air before it enters the air conditioning unit, which can significantly reduce the amount of energy required to cool the air.

The AC misting system can be installed in a variety of indoor and outdoor settings, including homes, commercial buildings, and industrial facilities. This system is especially useful in areas with high temperatures and humidity levels, where traditional air conditioning units may struggle to maintain a comfortable indoor environment.


Truemist misting system is a durable, low-maintenance, and long-lasting dry fog air conditioning misting system that is custom-designed and engineered to meet the specific operational needs of our clients. Our condenser misting system sprays water on the AC condenser in micron-sized particles without wetting it, resulting in lower energy and operational costs for AC chiller and condenser units. Pre-cooling also aids in reducing power consumption and increasing the cooling of existing AC units, resulting in electricity savings of 10 to 20%.

As your systems run more efficiently, you'll experience these benefits:

  • Reduced energy consumption
  • Lower greenhouse gas emissions
  • Water savings
  • Cost savings from decreased energy and water usage

Our system is suitable for a range of applications, including:

  • Commercial and industrial air conditioning
  • Refrigeration units
  • HVAC units

During hot weather, cooling systems work overtime to circulate enough cool air. But as temperatures rise, so does electricity consumption, while the cooling capacity of the unit decreases. Our AC mist cooling system can help alleviate these issues and improve efficiency.

The increased load on the system can cause several negative impacts, including:

  • Poor system performance
  • Untimely system shutdowns
  • Compromised product quality
  • Reduced air-conditioning performance
  • Increased electricity consumption
  • Severe stress on mechanical parts, which can shorten the lifespan of the air-conditioning unit
  • Excessive loads on the condensing coil from extreme heat, which can lead to the eventual shut down of the air-conditioning unit.

Our product comes with the following specifications:

  • Lowers the outside air temperature entering the unit by up to 12°C.
  • Decreases energy consumption, saving electricity and money by up to 30%.
  • Increases the efficiency of the air-conditioning unit by up to 30%.
  • Reduces system downtime, improving overall performance.
  • Improves occupant comfort levels.
  • Substantially extends the lifespan of all air-conditioning units.
  • Offers environmental benefits by reducing energy consumption, thereby lowering your carbon footprint.
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