Mid Pressure Misting System

Manufacturer and Supplier of Mid Pressure misting system in India. Mid-pressure misting is Best suitable for hot and dry climate areas.




A mid pressure misting system from Truemist Misting Systems can cool your residential or commercial outdoor area by 12°C (degree Celcius). The primary advantage over a low-pressure system (10 bar / 150 psi. Maximum 15 bar / 225 psi) is that the mid pressure (20 bar/300 psi to 40 bar/600 psi) pump produces a water droplet that is much smaller, which in turn means the evaporation happens faster. Our mid pressure misting systems are usually preferred for applications where both cooling and watering purpose needs to be achieved.

Mid pressure misting system is best suitable for hot and dry weather where a bit of excess water helps cool the environment effectively.

Our mid pressure misting systems are premium quality mid-pressure misting pumps and include all the parts and fittings needed for installation. Our 20 bar / 300 psi misting kits are designed by keeping budget and performance criteria. Mid pressure misting systems are generally installed with an auto ON / OFF timer to maintain humidity and prevent excess watering.


  • Cost-effective solution.
  • Effective misting.
  • Best for application where bigger water droplet size required.


  • Suitable for highly dry places.
  • Humidification of Greenhouse.
  • mild Watering applications.
  • humidification process in rice mills.
  • humidification process in the food industry.

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