Misting Cooling System for Mushroom farms

For mushroom cultivation farms in grow rooms and greenhouses, misting cooling systems are an effective solution. These systems utilize fogging and misting technology to regulate the temperature and humidity levels in the growing environment, creating optimal conditions for mushroom growth.

In addition to providing cooling, misting systems can also be used as a humidifier for mushroom grow rooms. With the help of a temperature and humidity controller, the misting system can be automatically activated to maintain optimal growing conditions.

Truemist humidifiers and misting systems are specifically designed for mushroom cultivation. These systems are reliable and easy to use, making them a popular choice for mushroom growers looking to improve their crop yields.


Mushroom cultivation is a thriving industry that requires precise environmental conditions for optimal growth and yield. Truemist Misting System offers a tailored solution for mushroom humidification, utilizing our cutting-edge misting and fogging systems. Our systems are compatible with Button and Oyster mushroom cultivation and feature high-pressure mist nozzles strategically placed to prevent water from spilling over the mushrooms.

Mushrooms thrive in dark and humid conditions, and maintaining an ideal air humidity level of 90-95%rH is crucial for successful growth. Our high-pressure mist sprayer is connected to a water source, pump, and timer, ensuring a fine mist every 7-8 minutes for one-minute intervals. This system allows the room to stay humid without wetting the mushrooms, preventing them from turning into a mushy mess.

It's important to maintain a moist environment for fruitful mushroom growth. Humidity should be between 80-90%, depending on the developmental stage. A higher humidity level of around 90% is required to initiate pinning, while lower humidity can be tolerated during fruit body development. However, it's crucial to humidify the air without directly spraying the mushrooms with water, as they absorb any liquids they touch. 

Our Truemist Mist humidification system is ideal for mushroom development, producing low-energy, low-running cost humidity that dissipates completely into the atmosphere. Any droplets that fall out of the air won't touch the mushrooms and cause unappealing brown spots.

Our misting system not only maintains perfect humidity levels but also reduces the temperature by up to 12°C on hot days, keeping the mushrooms cool, moisturized, and improving their growth and quality. The system prevents excess mist collection and saves water, making it an environmentally friendly and sustainable solution for mushroom cultivation.

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