Misting System for Outdoor Recreational Areas and Sports Venues

Misting system is a high-pressure water system that produces a fine mist to cool down outdoor spaces, such as playgrounds, stadiums, and sports arenas during hot weather. The system requires a water source and pump to generate the necessary pressure, and misting nozzles are strategically placed to provide the best coverage.

Controls are needed to turn the system on and off and adjust the flow rate, and direction of the mist. Regular maintenance is necessary to keep the system functioning properly. A well-designed misting system can enhance the overall experience for players and visitors by keeping the space cool and comfortable.


Playground mist cooling systems can reduce outside temperatures by up to 25 degrees, protecting kids from the risks of heatstroke while keeping them refreshed and energized as they exercise and play with their friends. These high-pressure misting systems are ideal for playgrounds, schools, and parks, ensuring children can play safely and comfortably for longer periods when they are cooler and properly hydrated.

Summer is a busy season for outdoor venues catering to children, as school-aged students are on vacation and children are out of school.

Misting systems utilize high-pressure nozzles that atomize water droplets down to less than 30 microns, creating a fog that quickly dissipates and cools the playground or play area. The appropriate nozzle and high water pressure create the perfect amount of fog to cool the air without noticeable moisture or residue.

The playground misting system works by producing a dry fog that eliminates the heat in the air and cools down the surrounding area. It lowers the outdoor temperature by up to 15-20 degrees.

To combat the harsh sunlight and heat, playground designers have implemented outdoor cooling technologies, such as misting systems, to keep children hydrated and cool while they play. Therefore, incorporating a misting system into playgrounds is a perfect solution.


A misting system can be a great addition to a playground, stadium, or sports arena as it can help keep people cool and comfortable during hot weather. Here are some key things to consider when installing a misting system:

  1. Determine the size and layout of the area to be covered: Before installing a misting system, it is important to determine the size and layout of the area to be covered. This will help you determine the number of misting nozzles and the type of misting system that will be needed.
  2. Choose the right misting system: There are different types of misting systems available, including high-pressure and low-pressure systems. High-pressure systems are more efficient but also more expensive, while low-pressure systems are more affordable but less effective. Depending on your budget and the size of the area to be covered, you may choose the appropriate misting system.
  3. Decide on the placement of misting nozzles: It is important to place the misting nozzles strategically to ensure that they cover the maximum area possible. Typically, misting nozzles are placed on the perimeter of the area to be covered, as well as in the center if necessary.
  4. Consider the water source and water quality: Misting systems require a steady water supply to function properly. It is important to ensure that the water source is adequate and that the water quality is good enough to avoid clogging the misting nozzles with mineral deposits.
  5. Ensure proper maintenance: Regular maintenance is important to keep the misting system functioning properly. This includes cleaning the nozzles, checking the water pressure and flow, and inspecting the system for any damage.
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