Poultry mist Cooling System

Poultry misting System

Poultry misting system is a high-pressure misting system designed for poultry farms to help regulate temperature and humidity levels in the poultry barns. The system uses fine mist to create a cooling effect that can reduce the risk of heat stress, respiratory diseases, and fatigue, promoting healthy growth and egg production. The Poultry barn misting system can be customized to fit the specific needs of the poultry farm, and can be controlled through a programmable system to adjust water flow, temperature, and pressure. The system can also help to reduce ammonia levels in the air and minimize odor, improving the overall air quality in poultry barns.


Misting systems are highly effective for poultry farmers, as they drastically reduce mortality rates and improve overall animal performance. By creating a stress-free environment, broilers can continue to eat and grow, layers can produce more eggs, and breeders can be more active, leading to higher-quality eggs. Evaporative cooling is a powerful method to combat heat stress, and can significantly lower temperatures inside poultry sheds, which is essential for maintaining the health and productivity of the animals.

Truemist Poultry's mist cooling system is a comprehensive misting system that includes a high-pressure pump, pipeline, fogger nozzles, and a timer unit. The system sprays a fine mist of water that quickly evaporates upon contact with the ground, absorbing heat from the environment and effectively cooling the birds.

The misting/fogging nozzles can be installed in a wide range of pressure settings, from 15 to 70 bar, and produce droplets of less than 50 µm, which are optimal for rapid evaporation and effective cooling. Traditional overhead nozzle arrangements using PVC pipe, connectors, and fittings can be used to install the system, with 8 feet between each nozzle line and 2.5 to 3.0 m between atomizers in the line.

Poultry animals perform best within a temperature range of 11 to 26 degrees, and their behavior and productivity are significantly impacted by their environment. Therefore, investing in a high-quality misting system is essential for achieving the best results and maintaining the health and productivity of the animals.

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