Pig Farm Mist Cooling System

Manufacturer and Supplier of Misting systems for pig farms including pig misters and pig sprinklers.

Misting system for pig farms is a high-pressure misting system that helps to regulate temperature and humidity levels in the pig barns, creating a comfortable environment for pigs. The fine mist can cool down the temperature and reduce the risk of heat stress, respiratory diseases, and fatigue, promoting healthy growth and meat quality. The misting system can be customized to fit the specific needs of the pig barns and can be controlled through a programmable system to adjust water flow, temperature, and pressure.


We are a leading manufacturer and supplier of high-pressure misting systems, including pig misters and pig sprinklers, in India. As a farmer, it is essential to keep your pigs cool during the summer to avoid heat stress, which can lead to a decrease in their internal body temperature.

Misting is a commonly used technique in agriculture, where a fine mist of cool water is sprayed into the air, allowing for heat exchange between water and air. This helps in the evaporation and humidification of the air, leading to cooling and improving the management of the air in animal structures, especially during heat strokes.

Our high-pressure misting systems offer several features apart from cooling and humidification, such as:

  • Drenching of structures for easy cleaning
  • Dust suppression
  • Sanitization of surroundings by combining chemicals
  • In some cases, it is even used for pulmonary vaccination.

Proper ventilation and working fans are the first steps in preventing animal stress, but adding fog and mist nozzles is also a reliable safeguard since pigs do not have sweat glands.

Heat stress can impact animal eating behaviors, leading to decreased food intake, weight loss in fattening pigs, and lower milk production for sows. This imbalance can make younger pigs more vulnerable and prone to illness. However, if using misters, it is essential to ensure that the water flow is sufficient to provide effective cooling without increasing relative humidity, which can be counterproductive.

Choose our high-pressure misting systems for effective pig cooling and stress prevention during the hot summer months. We offer high-quality systems at affordable prices, and our experienced team can provide installation assistance and support throughout India.

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