In numerous work environments, elevated temperatures can result in reduced efficiency for both laborers and machinery. Moreover, the generation of airborne fine particles from industrial material processing poses a significant threat to the health of workers and the operational performance of machines.

To address these critical industrial issues, specialized misting systems can offer a solution by utilizing high-pressure pumps to transform water into a mist that reduces dust in the surrounding area.

Industrial mist cooling systems provide the following benefits

Inhibit the presence of airborne microbes.
Eliminate foul odors.
Attain optimal humidity levels.
Reduce high temperatures, particularly in summer.
Prevent harm to equipment.
Enhanced labor productivity.
Improved manufacturing output.
Decreased energy expenses.
Minimal operating and maintenance expenses.


Do they generate adequate moisture?

Yes, they provide sufficient moisture.

Does the mist make the floor or area wet?

No, the mist consists of fine particles and won't cause any wetness.

How frequently should I clean the nozzles?

It depends on usage.

What material are the connectors made of?

Stainless Steel

Is it recommended to use a pre-filter?

Yes, we offer it as an optional add-on.

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