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    With our Distributor network all over India, We undertake Mist Cooling System, Mist Spray System, Industrial Spraying and Humidification System Installation and maintenance in every nook and corner of India and Overseas too
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    Fogging Systems, Misting System, and Mist Cooling systems for mushroom cultivation farms and Greenhouse. Best cooling system for mushroom cultivation maintaining Humidity.
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    Keep your Vegetables and Fruits fresh with our Truemist Misting and Fogging System longer time at a lower cost. Misting systems are energy efficient and consume very less water.


Truemist is a leading manufacturer of mist cooling systems in India and has in-house manufacturing capabilities for nozzles and other accessories. Truemist Evaporative cooling systems and Fogging Systems provide high-performance, and innovative mist cooling and misting systems for industrial, commercial, and residential applications.

Our manufacturing process adheres to international quality norms and utilizes only high-quality raw materials. We also offer customized High-Pressure Misting Systems to our clients based on their specific needs. Our product range includes Misting & Fogging nozzles, Misting Fans, Mist Rings, Misting tubes, Misting Filters, High-Pressure Misting Pumps, and Misting System Accessories.

We provide integration of the misting system with mist controls for industrial building ventilation and roof ventilation systems. Allowing our customers to remotely manage their misting system through various control options including automatic ON/OFF timers, sensor-based system activation, and remote monitoring. We also offer temperature and humidity controllers for added control.


We make your environment cooler

Truemist Misting and Fogging System brings an energy-efficient cooling solution that can make any environment, including industrial, residential, and rooftops, cooler and more comfortable. With affordable pricing, their mist cooling systems are now available across India.
Mist Cooling System



Misting pumps are engineered to improve the efficiency of misting systems by producing an even finer mist. The smaller water droplets, with micron-sized particles, are produced by our pumps and provide rapid cooling by flash evaporation. High-Pressure misting pumps are suitable for residential, commercial, and industrial applications, and our 1000 psi mist system pumps are designed for continuous duty. We offer a wide range of misting pumps, with pressure as low as 7 bar and up to 300 bar, ensuring that our customers have access to the right misting pump for their specific needs. Upgrade to TrueMist's misting pumps and enjoy the ultimate cooling experience in any outdoor area.


Misting nozzles are the devices responsible for creating a fine mist in misting systems. These nozzles use high-pressure air atomizing nozzles to atomize water into tiny droplets, which are then sprayed into the air, creating a cooling effect through evaporative cooling. Mist nozzles come in various sizes and shapes, and their performance can vary based on the application. Nozzles for misting are typically made of materials such as brass, stainless steel, or ceramic, which are durable and resistant to corrosion. With a range of options available, selecting the right misting nozzle is essential for achieving optimal cooling in any misting system.


Misting accessories are components that complement misting systems and enhance their performance. These accessories include filters, tubing, fittings, clamps, and timers. Filters remove impurities and debris from the water, ensuring that the misting system operates efficiently. Tubing is used to carry water from the pump to the misting nozzles, and fittings and clamps are used to connect and secure the tubing to the system. Timers can be added to misting systems to control the frequency and duration of misting cycles. These accessories are essential for maintaining and optimizing the performance of misting systems.


Mist system tubes, also known as misting lines, are an essential component of misting systems. These tubes are designed to carry water under high pressure from the pump to the misting nozzles, where it is atomized into a fine mist that provides cooling and comfort in outdoor spaces. The tubes are typically made of high-quality, durable materials such as nylon, polyethylene, or PVC, which are resistant to UV radiation, heat, and pressure. Misting tubes come in various sizes and lengths, allowing for customization based on the specific needs of the application. Installing high-quality misting tubes is critical for the effective operation of misting systems, ensuring that water is delivered efficiently and effectively to the misting nozzles for optimal cooling and comfort.


Mist filters are designed to remove impurities, sediment, and other contaminants from the water before it is atomized into a fine mist. The presence of debris and impurities in the water can cause clogging and damage to the misting nozzles, leading to reduced efficiency and increased maintenance costs. Misting water filters are typically made of materials such as nylon mesh, stainless steel, or ceramic, which are durable and resistant to corrosion. These filters are available in various sizes and filtration levels to suit different applications. Regular maintenance and cleaning of misting water filters are essential for ensuring that they operate at optimal levels and that the misting system provides efficient cooling and comfort in outdoor spaces.


Misting System Installation & Maintenance

Truemist provides Misting system and fogging cooling system installation service throughout India. 

Mist Cooling System Rental

Truemist provides Mist system and fogging cooling system rental service throughout India.
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About Misting Cooling System

Mist cooling systems utilize the process of evaporative cooling and are highly effective in arid weather conditions. Their performance is moderate in humid conditions, but they provide numerous benefits such as reducing dust, odors, and static electricity. Additionally, they can help control flying insects such as mosquitoes and bugs, while also regulating humidity levels for plants, greenhouses, homes, atriums, courtyards, patios, hotels, restaurants, and other areas.

There are three different types of misting/fogging systems available.
Low-Pressure misting system
Mid Pressure misting system
High-pressure misting system
Low-pressure misting system is comparable to a sprinkler system, as it produces water droplets with a size ranging from 50 to 80 microns. The system comprises PU or Nylon tubing, along with plastic or stainless steel connectors that are fastened to SS 316 grade or brass nozzles. It is a simple and cost-effective option, as it operates at a pressure of 10 bar or lower. This type of system is particularly useful in areas where wetting is required, such as indoor gardening. One of the most sought-after low-pressure systems is the TrueMIST Eco model, which is affordable and easy to install. Some of these systems may incorporate a pump that increases the pressure to that of medium-pressure systems.
Medium Pressure misting system uses a motorized pump to raise the pressure to 20 to 35 bar. The pump, motor, tubes, fittings and nozzles are all rated to work within this range. The spray is fine enough to cool you in a hot and dry weather, it is less likely to get you wet and can also provide more cooling than a Low-pressure system. A simple solution to prevent wetting and to keep humidity levels down, a recycle timers can be incorporated, this timer makes the pump run for example, 2 minutes and then shuts off for 3 minutes and then starts up again in cyclic mode.
High-pressure misting system is the most effective cooling solution available, operating above 35 bar to produce fine mist and provide cooling even in high humidity conditions without causing wetness. High-grade nylon tubes with SS connectors and nozzles ensure optimal performance and long life. Medium and high-pressure systems utilize pumps to increase water pressure from any source and can be used in a variety of settings requiring natural-like cooling, such as venues, auditoriums, sports arenas, and outdoor work areas.
Truemist Misting and Fogging System creates a stunning visual fog that transports you to a hill station in the summer. When connected to high-pressure pumps, water is sprayed through nozzles, forming droplets that evaporate into mist upon reaching the outdoor air, reducing the temperature by up to 12 degrees Celsius. In enclosed indoor spaces, the mist cooling system not only provides a cool mist but also increases humidity levels. Choosing the correct misting system requires a basic understanding of the available options, which we are here to assist with.


What Makes a best Misting System? 

A high-pressure mist cooling system helps reduce water and energy consumption by 85% compared to a conventional cooling system like an air conditioner or Chiller units, helping customers to save electricity as well as contain cost.

Low pressure misting system are budget friendly but wets the subject area. It may be suitable for application which requires a certain amount of water as well as cooling like watering the plants, increasing the moisture contents 

Difference in droplet size?

Each misting system serves a particular category of purpose or its use and this is mainly classified based on the size of the droplet of water that is being misted. A misting systems mechanism works by drawing in heat from its surroundings in order to vaporize the liquid, thereby cooling the surrounding air. The droplets thus produced are used for different applications across various fields, whether its domestic or industrial. The water droplets vary from 5 – 80 microns and therefore the right system can be chosen based on this size. 

Here are some examples of Industries that use Mist Cooling system

Industrial Misting Systems

Industrial mist cooling system comprises high-pressure misting pumps and misting nozzles, which atomize water to cool the surrounding air without causing any wetness. These systems are primarily used for cooling and dust control applications. By utilizing industrial outdoor and indoor misting, one can effectively maintain a dust-free, odor-free, and heat-free environment. As manufacturers and suppliers of industrial mist cooling systems, we provide a practical solution to meet these needs.

Mist Cooling Systems

Mist Cooling system systems are a perfect solution for cooling outdoor spaces like restaurants, patios, golf courses, tennis courts, amusement parks, and other similar areas. These systems can lower the temperature by up to 12 degrees Celsius, providing a significant cooling effect. An outdoor mist cooling system can keep you comfortable when designed correctly, mist cooling systems release the smallest water droplets into the air, providing a cooling effect without any wetness.


Humidification systems are employed to increase the humidity level in various settings like greenhouses and warehouses. Industries that rely on precise climate control to ensure optimal growth of their plants or preservation of products can benefit from using fog humidification systems. Whether you require humidity control in your textile plant, printing facility, wine storage area, or greenhouse, installing a humidification system can enhance profitability while saving you money.

Dust Suppression System

The generation of dust is an inevitable consequence in many industries. However, the excessive production of dust can pose a serious threat to both workers and the environment. To comply with regulatory requirements and safeguard the well-being of employees, both indoor and outdoor production companies employ dust suppression equipment. Advanced dust suppression systems utilize high-pressure fog mist to bind with dust particles and effectively manage the dust levels in the environment.

Odor Control System

Industrial odor control is a crucial requirement for many businesses operating across diverse industries, and compliance with strict regulations is paramount. Certain businesses, such as wastewater treatment facilities, cannabis cultivators, and waste transfer stations, rely heavily on industrial odor control systems. For businesses that rely on odor control to maintain product quality and remain operational, a dependable industrial odor control system is essential. We provides both indoor and outdoor industrial odor control solutions.

Special Effects

Enhancing the visual appeal of your business for your customers or improving the appearance of your outdoor patio, pool, photo-shoots, weddings, and events can be achieved through special effects. This system uses high-pressure pumps to produce a fine mist that can create a beautiful visual effect when combined with lighting. Additionally, these systems can also provide a cooling effect that is useful in hot and dry environments, making them ideal for outdoor areas such as patios, decks, and gardens.


Beaches, swimming pools, aqua parks, holiday villages, and walkways
Resorts (cooling, humidification, scenic performance)
Bars, Restaurants, Hotels (cooling, scenic performance)
Factory farming (cooling, insect removal)
Greenhouses (humidification, cooling)
Animal Farms (Cooling)
Industrial warehouses (cooling, humidification, dust and odors suppression)
Wineries (humidification, cooling)
Quarries (dust suppression)
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