Tea Industry Humidification misting System

Humidification misting systems are an essential tool for the tea industry. Maintaining the right humidity levels is crucial for preserving the quality and aroma of tea leaves during processing and storage. Truemist misting systems provide efficient and consistent humidification, ensuring the ideal conditions for tea production.

The system atomizes water into a fine mist, which is then dispersed throughout the tea processing and storage areas. This creates a balanced and uniform humidity level, which helps prevent the tea leaves from drying out or becoming too moist. With Truemist misting system being the best humidifiers, tea producers can improve their product quality, reduce waste, and increase efficiency.


Tea production requires a specific level of humidity for optimal growth and quality. During oxidation, temperature and humidity control is crucial to forming the desired flavors and colors of the tea. A relative humidity level of 95-98% at 20-26°C is necessary for proper oxidation. Even small drops in humidity levels can affect the process and reduce yields.

TrueMIST's humidification systems provide a consistent and productive environment for tea production. With guaranteed high humidity levels, TrueMIST ensures optimal conditions for oxidation and reduces leaf discoloration and spots, resulting in better yields. The system evenly spreads moisture throughout traditional floor and plate maturation rooms and maintains consistent RH in CTC aging, providing significant advantages over traditional rotating circle humidifiers. 

TrueMIST also offers pre-aging humidification of rolling and cutting, which reduces drying of broken edges and faster machine speeds, and decreased residue production in teabag creation. Our humidification system provides improved quality, productivity, and a fast return on investment in the tea industry.

Misting systems offer several advantages for the tea industry, including:

  1. Improves tea quality: Misting systems help to maintain optimal temperature and humidity levels, which are crucial for producing high-quality tea.
  2. Reduces tea processing time: Misting systems can help to speed up the tea processing time by reducing the withering time required for tea leaves.
  3. Reduces energy costs: Misting systems use less energy compared to traditional cooling systems, resulting in lower energy costs for tea production.
  4. Enhances worker comfort: Misting systems can help to reduce the temperature and provide a more comfortable working environment for workers in tea processing factories.
  5. Reduces tea dust: Misting systems can help to reduce tea dust during processing, resulting in cleaner and more hygienic tea production.


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