Replacement filter housing for TrueMist Pumps; 3/8" inlet/outlet. This housing utilizes the 10" filters.

Misting system water filters and accessories help strain out debris and impurities.  When water passes through filters, particles and other matter become trapped.  These misting system filters purify the water from unwanted particles and help you generate fine quality mist.

The main function of a sediment filter is to remove large and fine particles from misting water.

Sediments filters are designed to remove suspended solids, which are also known as sediment, turbidity, or particulate.  A sediment filter essentially functions like a net that catches unwanted dirt particles as your water flows through the system.

A sediment filter is attached at the point where water comes into your misting system.  The filter has a bed of natural media (sand, anthracite, etc.).  As the water passes through this bed, unwanted dirt particles become trapped.  The water moves into the filter and leaves the sediment behind, then out of the filter so you get water coming into your home that is free from particulate.

Only sediment that will become trapped in the bed of natural media is removed.  Sediment filters do a good enough job to reduce the levels of unwanted particles to trace amounts which are deemed safe for drinking water.  This means you can get drinkable, clean water with a sediment filter.


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