A Planned Maintenance agreement will protect the investment you have made in your humidification equipment by ensuring it runs effectively, efficiently and safely. Each planned maintenance agreement is tailored to your site’s specific requirements. All humidifiers need to be regularly maintained to provide hygienic and efficient performance. Without servicing, a humidification system will fail to deliver the level of humidity it was installed to provide, its energy use could increase and it could become unhygienic or even present a risk to health. Humidifiers are complex systems that require specialist knowledge and professional maintenance. Experienced humidifier engineers from RMS provides the peace of mind that your humidification system is being maintained by experienced professionals, dedicated solely to humidifier engineering. 

Condair service engineers are trained on all makes and models of humidifier and certified under CHAS, SAFE Contractor, Gas Safe, Skills Card and Construction Line. They will ensure your humidifiers are operating at their optimum efficiency and to their maximum operational lifetime. As well as servicing, Condair engineers have the experience to advise on your legal water testing requirements, how your humidity control strategy could be improved and opportunities for reducing energy use and operating costs.
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